Joan McConnell

My greatest reward is seeing my clients feeling better both physically and emotionally. My greatest compliment is their referral.


Pilates has been a significant benefit in my life, both physically and spiritually.  Physically I KNOW it makes me stronger and more balanced, more relaxed and energetic.  When I skip a few classes in a row from traveling I really feel it. It makes a difference! I also know I benefit from it on a spiritual level.  It’s a faith-based experience for me because as a Christian I have the Spirit of God in me and He is the Spirit of life.  When I engage in Pilates I know the life-giving Spirit of God is bringing more life, more health, more healing to my physical body as I do my part in taking care of myself! I love the variety of movements Joan offers in class and the invitation to challenge ourselves more if we desire. I hope to keep Pilates as a key part of my fitness routine every week.  It works!


I suffered from severe migraines for years.  I tried prescription medication, diet changes, chiropractic and massage.  They all helped.  However, Pilates was the cure.  At my first private session, Joan released my migraine trigger point.  The impact was immediate.  I knew from that moment the structural root of my migraines had been resolved.  After that first session, I began learning to move properly and use my muscles in the way they were meant to be used rather than compensating and guarding for fear of aggravating my trigger point.  As a result, my migraines have been rendered almost non-existent.  I am able to move freely without the constant inflammation and low level pain that was my companion for over a decade.


My first contact with Joan, at Springs Pilates was 12 years ago.  I was having back pain with a history of herniated discs.  I thought it necessary to wait until my back pain cleared.  She said ‘no start now.’ Currently I have no back pain.  My orthopedist tells me it is the best exercise I can do for my back and knees.  Joan is so well trained in anatomy and physiology that she knows what procedures to avoid according to the individual diagnosis.  I am currently 73 years old, I have been doing Pilates with Joan twice a week since 2000 and have no intention of giving up my Pilates!


I have been practicing Pilates with Joan, at Springs Pilates since 2007.  It has been a great experience.   She has helped me to work through times when I have had pain and continues to help me with tight muscles.  I feel confident because of her knowledge, experience and her continued training.  I enjoy coming to class and can tell that my core is stronger and my bone density is beginning to increase.  I look forward to continuing to improve and maintain my total body strength by attending classes with Joan.


My husband and I have been taking Pilates and Gyrotonics classes weekly from Joan of Springs Pilates.  We have both improved our fitness levels significantly in terms of strength and flexibility.  We’ve taken a variety of Pilates classes, including Reformer, mat and ball classes.  Joan really knows her stuff and makes the exercise fun.  She is often taking additional training herself, in order to keep her teaching skills up-to-date.  An added bonus is that we’ve met many great people in our classes who have become friends.


In 2004 I suffered a brain stem bleed and was hospitalized for 6 months.  I had left side paralysis and tremendous pain in my left shoulder.  As I regained my life I began to work with Joan.  The Gyrotonic and her expertise brought my shoulder back to full motion. In 2006 I suffered a recurrence of the bleed.  This time I was hospitalized a full year.  I am currently recovering and have come a long way but have even longer to go.  My left side again was paralyzed.  I am working with Joan again and am seeing amazing progress in my left arm and shoulder.  She is also working to help improve my core strength and overall movement. Joan is extremely knowledgeable about the body’s systems.  She stays current on all areas of rehabilitation.  SHE HAS MADE A HUGE IMPACT ON MY ONGOING RECOVERY.


I have been a student of Joan’s since 2002!  Pilates with Joan has been a valuable part of my life, and I appreciate her expertise & good humor!


Pilates with Joan has allowed me to stay physically active.  My flexibility and strength are a direct result of being a Pilates student for the past eight years.  I am 64 years old and enjoy my golf game being as strong as it was 30 years ago.